ICT, information and communication technologies have given a new perspective to education. For tutors – organisations, companies, universities – The Internet is a means to convey knowledge without any time or geographical constraint.

Webtutor: A platform for distance education via Internet

Via Webtutor, Telecom Plus in collaboration with France Telecom CITCOM offers to businesses and other educational organisations its assistance and knowledge to make better use of their training modules via the Internet or an Intranet.

Simply from a personal computer, in an organisation, a training centre, or at home, the student can access any training program. (humanities, information technologies, management).

The student checks the course content, and builds up his own syllabus. After completing the administrative formalities, he starts his course immediately and learns at his own pace leaving and resuming the course, as he wishes.

For the student it is a means to work according to his set aims and objectives, from any location, at his most convenient time, at his own pace and depending on his motivation level.

The tutor is always available

With WebTutor although the student has much autonomy, he is not completely on his own, the tutor and other students are only a mouse click away. At any time, he can contact his tutor, ready to assist and guide him.

The tutor and student are able to communicate, chat and even contribute to discussions via conferences, visiophone sessions or forums.

Apart from the “communication functions” with students, the tutor has other specific functions for supervising the course (viewing online students, mail, links to other sites) and evaluating the students.

An overview of the funtionalities of webtutor