Interesting telecommunication facts


The telecommunication sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world – with so many developments and innovations, the telecommunication industry too, is keeping pace with all of it. And this sector has some unique facts to its credit – and it’s interesting to know these peculiar yet surprising facts, so read on:

1. Camouflaged mobile towers are all set to make an entrance in the market – you will soon find towers disguised as trees on tops of buildings, churches, schools, stations et all. You won’t even be able to make out unless you observe carefully and closely.

2. The telephone is the most popular technological innovation in the United States – even today, no other innovation has been able to beat the record that the telephone had created back then! And why not, the expanse of the United States is so vast, the introduction of the phone must have made communicating across states easier.


3. The longest phone cable in the world connects the United States and Japan – it is 16800 miles long and is known as FLAG – Fiber Optic Link around the Globe. It has the capacity to transmit 600,000 calls at once.

4. Guess what the phone is used for most? Not making calls, nor surfing the internet – it is to do the simple task of checking the time!

5. Hello was supposed to be ‘ahoy’ as suggested by Alexander Graham Bell – but Thomas Alva Edison came up with the word ‘hello’ and that was more accepted over it’s derived from the ship slang – ahoy!

6. International calls are no longer transmitted over via satellites – these days, this job has been taken over by fiber optics and VoIP – which has also lead to an improvement in the quality of the network and the sound transmitted too.


7. Guess how phones would be chosen back in those days? If mice find the wire of the telephone tasty, this phone would be outright rejected – this was done to prevent the telephone from getting damaged courtesy the notorious mice. Less tasty the wire, greater the possibility of the phone being purchased.

8. The first ever call from a mobile phone was made by Martin Cooper, a Motorola employee back in 1973 – guess who he called up? His biggest rival!

9. Apple’s iPhone may have made the cut into the list of the world’s most sold phones, but guess who’s also in that list? Nokia’s first models – 3210 and 3310 versions!