Your one-stop shop for your Internet and Telecommunications needs!

Situated in Mauritius’ major towns and villages, in close proximity to the bustling commercial centres, the Servihoo NetShops are ideally placed and are your one stop shop for Internet access and your telecommunications needs.

The Servihoo NetShops provides a friendly and open environment for students, tourists, local residents and businessmen to enjoy the Internet on fast PCs via a permanent high-speed connection.

Servihoo NetShop offers an unparalleled range of services including Internet access, on-site Internet training courses, purchase of GSM and prepaid cards, phone cards, fax services etc. Our staff are constantly available to deliver assistance when needed and can run Internet training courses on demand.

The Servihoo Net Shops are also your prime contact point for all of Telecom Plus’ services : Servihoo – the Internet service, web page design, hosting services, dedicated access to the Internet, Maurivox (Audiotex) service, Internet Roaming, training facilities, videoconferencing, value added fax services etc.

 Servihoo NetShop – Phoenix (Cyber 2000)

The first of Telecom Plus’ cybercafé, Cyber2000 is situated in Phoenix Commercial Centre (Le Continent) and is equipped  with 16 PCs.

Phoenix Commercial Centre (Continent)
Tel : 698 54 73
Fax: 698 55 09

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday : 09h00 to 20h30
Friday & Saturday : 09h00 to 22h00
Sunday & Public Holidays : 10h00 to 13h30

 Servihoo NetShop – Port Louis Waterfront (Click & Go)

Situated at the heart of the capital, in one of the most popular leisure and commercial centre in Mauritius the Port Louis Waterfront, Click & Go has 15 PCs. Visitors can surf in an original and relaxed decor.

Astrolabe Building
Port Louis Waterfront
Tel : 208-2213
Fax : 208-1155

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday : 09h00 to 20h30
Friday & Saturday : 10h00 to 23h00
Sunday & Public Holidays : 09h30 to 16h30

 Servihoo NetShop – Grand Baie (Grand E Baie)
Ideally situated in the largest store in Grand Baie, the Super U Commercial Centre, Grand E Baie is equipped with 12 PCs.

Super U Commercial Centre,
La Salette Street, Grand Baie
Tel : 263-0822
Fax: 263-1717

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday : 09h00 to 20h30
Friday & Saturday : 09h00 to 22h00
Sunday & Public Holidays : 09h00 to 13h30

 Servihoo Netshop Mahébourg

Patten Court
Descréoles St, Mahébourg

Opening hours
Monday to Wednesday 9h00 to 18h30
Thursday 9h00 to 16h30
Friday & Saturday 9h00 to 18h30
Sunday & Public Holidays 9h00 to 12h30

 Servihoo Netshop Rose Hill

Galeries St. Ignace
Royal Road,
Rose Hill
Tel : 467 5327
Fax: 467 5326

Opening hours
Monday to Wednesday : 9h00 to 18h00
Thursday : 9h00 to 16h30
Friday & Saturday: 9h00 to 18h00
Sunday & Public Holidays: 9h00 to 12h00

 Internet access at attractive prices
Our tarifs are among the cheapest on the island. We moreover have special rates for students and for regular customers.

 Training Courses
Our expert staff are there to initiate you to the Internet away from the pressured atmosphere of a classroom.

 Telecommunications products 
Looking for a GSM phone, prepaid cards or phone cards, just visit us!

Apart from the above services the Servihoo NetShops also provide the following:

 – Fax services
– Printing
– Photocopying

Off Peak Rs 1.25 /min
Peak Hours 
Rs 1.40/min

Minimum access is 15 minutes for Rs 21.00

Monthly Packages: 

Rs 200 for 5 hours
Rs 325 for 10 hours
Rs 450 for 15 hours
Rs 750 for 30 hours

Students up to 21 years old will benefit from 5% discount on all items.

All tariffs are 15 % VAT inclusive.